What does the Eiffel Tower Have to do with Lomi Massage?

Lomi Massage isn’t just about the physical runs on the body. Lomi encompasses the Aloha spirit. It is a blend of the physical work, as well as the intention and presence you bring to the table. So, what does the Eiffel Tower Have to do with Lomi Massage?

One of the 7 Hawaiian Principles is Makia. “It is energy flows where intention goes.”

It basically means if you set a goal or INTENTION, you must put the energy or work behind it in order to accomplish it. Many years ago, I set an intention to teach Lomi in Paris. I nurtured that intention by making lifelong friends with therapists in Paris. Those friendships manifested into working and teaching Lomi in France. I had the honor to work the La Parisienne, a ladies 5K race on the Champs de Mars which is in front of the Eiffel Tower. I have done corporate work as well as private teaching of Hawaiian Lomi.

Had I not set that intention and put my energy towards making that happen, it never would have.

Whatever you want to accomplish when you decide to set a goal for yourself, do the work. Put that energy behind it and no matter how many obstacles try to stop you, you will overcome them. You will achieve your goal. Throughout my career I have heard so many say, “The universe will support me.” I like to add 5 words to that… “If you do the work.”


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