Layers of Hawaiian LomiThe layers of Hawaiian Lomi is a sacred form of massage the ancient Hawaiians passed down from generation to generation, and from village to village. Lomi is a beautiful form of massage. Lomi is a powerful form of bodywork. How does this compare to an onion in the world? Onions have layers. Lomi has layers. The more you peel an onion, the more its true essence appears. Lomi has the same effect on the body. This allows you to make sure that your true self is coming out and that healing takes place.


Swedish Massage

The standard form of Swedish massage works the skin and muscles to free you from pain and stress. Most Swedish massages work in a standard rotation around your body. For those who have experienced massages, you can guess what will be worked next, when it will be time to turn and when it will end. Your mind is usually following it as you work. When you focus on what’s being done to you, you can’t focus on what you need to heal yourself. Lomi works at a different level.

The ocean waves that break on the shore are not defined; The layers of Hawaiian Lom is the same. It’s a rhythmic dance around your body. You never know what will be worked on the next: your back, your leg, your hands… all are treated in a random sequence. This sequence is determined by what the practitioner feels your body needs. This is the beginning of the peeling process. As you are worked in this rhythmic way, you cannot guess what will be worked next. Your conscious mind is not able to follow the practitioner’s movements. When this happens, you stop thinking about massage and start to relax completely. You’re starting to peel.


Lomi Massage

Lomi Massage can go deep into muscle tissue. Think of your muscles as a stick of butter. You can’t stick your finger in a hard stick of butter. Warm the butter first and your finger passes easily into it. Lomi warms the muscles and relaxes them, allowing the practitioner to go as deep into the muscular body as necessary. This causes less discomfort during the massage and the next day . If they allow, the onion, your body continues to  peel away stress allowing healing to take place.

Many forget that our bodies are a catalogue of past memory and experiences. All our senses can remind us of a time gone by. Have you ever felt anything and it caused an old memory? It could have been a picnic you went to, your favorite food or the soup your mother cooked every Sunday when you were growing up. The sense of touch is powerful and can reveal many past memories. Our skin, muscles and body hold these memories, and the slightest contact can elevate them. This is how the onion is peeled.

My goal during a session is to provide you with the space to have the best possible experience. Not only to loosen your tight and painful muscles, but to peel back the layers of Hawaiian Lomi and to allow you to safely experience a deep and healing massage.