A simple word - hello friendly and warm for a massage

Think of how you have met some of the most important and loving persons in your life. Very likely, the first word ever spoken between you was a simple word – Hello. It’s a simple little word that has been such an icebreaker throughout time. It has started conversations that have changed your life, as well as the lives of others.

Have you ever sat at a lunch counter having a bite to eat and some stranger is sitting next to you reading a newspaper or a book? We all have. Try saying hello and make a comment about what they are reading. I bet that will start a conversation. You will not know where that conversation will lead– a new friend, a new relationship, or even a new job. You just never know.

In the small town where I live, everyone says hello. It is sort of an unwritten rule. You make eye contact with a stranger, you smile and say hello. I have also lived in one of the largest cities in the country and, believe it or not, it works just as well in a crowded metropolis as it does on the quaint streets of my town.

I recently had the privilege of traveling abroad to a country where many people I encountered spoke little to no English. The trick to getting along was easy. I learned how to say ”hello” in their language.

When you go into a store, shop, or speak to a local, start with “hello,” and the rest of the conversation will be simple.

It is a simple word – Hello, but it is a powerful, life changing word.