The Amazing Power of Touch

The Amazing Power of TouchHave you ever thought of how good a pat on the back or a good hug feels? Most people appreciate the feeling, but never stop to think why it feels so good. It is due to the amazing power of touch!

Touch is the first sense we experience as an infant. It is one of the most powerful experiences we have in our lives. Many studies have been done and have shown that premature babies have developed and grown if they were stroked and held often.

Touch is the only one of our five senses that doesn’t diminish with age. Our smell, our hearing, our sight, and our taste all diminish as we age. Our sense of touch remains powerful until we die. The elderly, as well as the sick, cherish the touch of others. It is comforting, loving and reassuring.

The skin is the largest organ of our bodies. Touching the skin, with a simple touch or through Massage, has a powerful effect on us. Massage goes back to ancient Greek and Roman times. I don’t think there has ever been a time when human beings haven’t enjoyed the touch of another.

Think about how touch is present in our lives. Mothers hug their babies, family members hug each other, as do friends. The simple act of a handshake can tell us much about the person we just touched. Athletes are always touching each other. They pat, hug, and high five in every sport you see.

Massage is a form of ultimate touch. There are many types of massage in our world. Traditions have been passed down from generation to generation and from culture to culture since the start of man. Is one better than the other? Honestly, no. Touch is good.

Hawaiian Lomi Massage is one of the most holistic traditions and it goes well beyond what many think as simple Massage. What makes Lomi different from simple Massage? The basic Lomi Massage consists of long flowing strokes that include the whole body. It doesn’t sectionalize arms, legs and back. It works the body as a whole. This encourages the person to relax and not think about what is next, but rather enjoy the encompassing flow of the Massage. It stops and works tight areas. It can include deep muscular work, but it always goes back to the intention of working the body as a whole and not just a part at a time.

This sense of caring and comforting touch is intended to not only work muscles and to totally relax the person, but to allow them a path of healing. It allows the stress to flow out, and, when finished, leaves the person in a balanced and safe place giving them a sense of well being unique to Hawaiian Lomi Massage.

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