Still not sure about trying a Lomi massage? Don’t take my word for it, look at the testimonials below. Have you had a massage by Tony Crawford? We invite you to submit your own, honest testimonial at the bottom of this page.

Last fall, my husband purchased massage gift certificates Tony had so generously donated to a local fundraising event. I have had massages over the last thirty years because of chronic pain. After one massage with Tony, I told my husband I never wanted to go to any other therapist. I get the Hawaiian massage and have never had a massage that relaxes me and relieves my pain like Tony’s massage does! I highly recommend it.
-Karen M.-


I agree with the many satisfied clients who have received Lomi massage. Tony Crawford delivers a truly relaxing and meditative healing experience.
-Rosemary S.-


I have had the pleasure of doing massage trades with Tony for some years now when he comes out to Arizona to visit. Through the years I look forward to Tony’s wonderful Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. He really cares about people and that comes through in his massage. Prepare to relax, unwind and heal if you decide to have a massage with Tony.


I am a believer in the importance of the human touch. Tony has been giving me massages for over 12 years and he has a very healing touch and seems to intuitively know what areas of my body need attention. He is always professional and gives a super great Swedish massage. The nice thing is he will bring his massage table to my house in the evening and give me a massage and that guarantees me a good nights sleep. I highly recommend Tony.


Tony has been my massage therapist for over 5 years. Tony is trained in many styles of massage and he is always able to work on what ever I need, depending on how I am feeling on any particular visit. Tony is professional and has a very kind personality in his work which makes me feel welcome and relaxed. I wouldn’t think of going to anyone else and highly recommend him.


I met Tony on line at massage exchange.com in 2008, and when he came to my town, I learned from him the wonderful JOY of Lomi-Lomi massage. I had already been a massage therapist for many years, but I was so impressed with Tony’s technique and ‘healing energy’ that I have gone to a “Sacred Lomi seminar” to be certified.

I have now added Lomi-Lomi to my repertoire, but I cherish every opportunity to receive a ‘healing Lomi massage’ from Tony


Tony gives the greatest massage, I’m totally relaxed and refreshed after a full hour vacation on Tony’s massage table. I guarantee you will not be dissapointed.


Like several other testimonials on this page, I too have been to Tony over the years for various types of massage, Sweedish, Hawaiian, Lomi etc. Tony is an avid student of up-to-date massage practices and travels to various parts of our country to learn advanced techniques whenever they become available. I never feel as relaxed and uplifted as I do after a one hour vacation on Tony’s massage table.


I have had the opportunity to be worked on by many massage therapists trained in Lomi massage and while I have loved them all, I always seek Tony out when I have the opportunity because there is just nothing like having a Tony Lomi. He has managed to bring together and integrate a beautiful combination of strength and gentleness that allows me to trust him implicitly. A Tony Lomi will take you to spaces and places within yourself that you have not had access to before. He provides you with the opportunity to heal and release the physical, mental and emotional pain that your body has held onto for too long. Don’t hesitate to use Lomi and Tony’s unique gifts to facilitate your own conscious awakening. You will not regret it.


I am a 68 year old woman who has been using massage, along with traditional Western medicine and chiropractic care to manage degenerative disk disease, osteo arthritis and fibromyalgia for the last 30 years. The benefit I get from the Lomi massage that Tony does is superior to anything I have ever before experienced. Tony is not just a Massage Therapist, he is truly a healer. I will never go back to the other types of massage or to any other Therapist. My chiropractor is amazed at the improvement she sees in my body, and my adjustments are not only easier and better, but they last longer. At first I was a bit uncomfortable seeing a male therapist; but Tony was so highly recommended to me that I overcame my reluctance and I found Tony to be very sensitive to my self consciousness, and very caring and considerate. Everyone I know who has had one of Tony’s Lomi massages tells me that they agree. There is nothing like it and that they will stick with Tony and Lomi forever.


I had a Lomi massage by Tony and it was THE most relaxed I had ever felt during and after the massage. It was the first time I had ever had a Hawaiian massage and it convinced me that it was the only kind of massage I ever want to have! Tony is a great person and his calm, caring nature and deep desire to help people comes through in his work. I refer clients and friends to him regularly, who end up just as amazed and pleased as I have been. I look forward to my next Lomi Massage!

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