Massage for a Cause in Paris

eiffel-tower-sunny-dayIt was a sunny day in Paris when I arose early and rode my bike to the Eiffel Tower where I would help giving massages at a breast cancer booth set up for a four mile race.

I got out early and rode my bike to the Eiffel Tower. It was a perfect morning and I rode along the Seine River. I rode for about 45 minutes, along the river from Notre Dame to the Champ de Mars. This is a great lawn which sits at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

Through my friend and Lomi teacher Tom, I was able to make a connection with a massage therapist named Loc here in Paris. We have corresponded and he invited me to help do massage for a Ladies 4 Mile Race and I would be working at the breast cancer booth open for runners, as well as the public.

As excited as I was about this, I was also a bit skeptical about working without knowing the language. There were about six therapists working there. Loc spoke English, most did not. They made me feel welcome and at home. I worked three hours non stop. It was a festival atmosphere, some were young, others old, there were running clubs dressed in pink wigs, and various costumes.

There were no language issues,—- they spoke,—- I smiled,—- I massaged—-. Simple as that. We did four handed massage and, at times, six handed massage. We did Lomi, Swedish and Shiatsu.

It was not only an honor to be able to help out for breast cancer, but, even more interesting, was that for three hours I wasn’t a tourist. I was part of the City, with people from the City helping others, who were there to help an even bigger cause.

It was interesting to see the locals line up for bodywork. We worked on both the young and old. It seems that massage is a real and common experience for the French. They start getting massage when they are young and continue it well into what we would consider old age. It was refreshing to see parents bring their children and have them experience the pleasure of the work.

The part that meant the most to me was that oceans could not separate not only the need for massage, but the pure pleasure it gave to so many people on such a sunny day.

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