Lomi Massage and Chiropractic Work

Lomi Massage and Chiropractic WorkChiropractic work deals with the proper alignment of our body, our spine, and our bones.
Why is Lomi Hawaiian Massage in conjunction with Chiropractic Work good for you?
We have a vast system of nerves that runs all through our bodies. The majority of the nerves run along our spine. Should one or more of our back bones (vertebrae) become misaligned, those nerves can become pinched and the result is pain. The chiropractor can re-align the spine taking pressure off the nerve, thus reducing your pain. This is not as simple as it may sound.

The spine is surrounded and supported by many muscles. When a bone is out of place, it only makes sense that the surrounding muscles are pulled and stretched in an unnatural fashion. The proper manipulation of not only the spine, but also its surrounding muscle tissue will reduce pressure on the effected nerves, and also increase joint flexibility, as well as help to increase circulation. The goal is simple, to reduce your pain and have you painless for a longer period of time.

How does Lomi Massage help?
I think most chiropractors would agree that if the muscles surrounding your spin are rigid and tight, the adjustment will be harder to accomplish. These already tight muscles will be further stressed during the adjustment. This will not only make the adjustment harder, but also these stressed muscles will try to pull back to their pre-adjustment position.

Lomi massage is designed to relax these tight muscles putting them is such a state that the adjustment will not only be easier, but will last longer as the muscles will not try to pull back into there pre adjustment state.

Many chiropractors have massage therapists working with them to help the client get the best results possible. Many clients will have a massage prior to their adjustment.

It has been my experience that when you receive a massage prior to your adjustment the results have been outstanding. My clients have reported that they feel less anxious, more relaxed, and the adjustment went much better for them. They have also reported that their chiropractic adjustment stayed in longer which gave them longer pain relief.

Lomi massage not only works to help your muscle rid itself of stress, but, equally as important, it allows for a clear state of mind. The massage, by its design, will help set you in a good emotional state, reducing tension, and prepares your body for the needed chiropractic work.

The goal of both massage therapy and chiropractic work is to treat the body as a whole being and bring it to a pain free state. When these two modalities are working in conjunction with each other, the results can be astonishing.

Written by Tony Crawford, As seen in SearchAmelia.com

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