How To Become a Massage Therapist

Learning Massage in NE FLMassage Therapy is an interesting, rewarding, and profitable career. It is a career that you can do full time or part time. Massage is a rewarding career choice as it allows you to help heal those in need with a hands-on approach.

Massage is not just rubbing oil on a body. It is knowing both anatomy and physiology, how the human body works, and how it relates to everyday stress and trauma. Massage therapists work in close conjunction with many aspects of the medical field. The areas of sports medicine, chiropractic, pregnancy, geriatric care and a wide variety of medical conditions all can be helped through massage.

There are countless spas throughout the country that are looking for well trained therapists. The cruise industry offers opportunity for therapists to work onboard ships and combine a career with travel.

Massage Therapy is a career that offers the practitioner the opportunity to branch out among the many modalities related to the field. The education possibilities are endless within the profession.

There are many opportunities for education in both private and state schools.

Florida State College at Jacksonville offers an excellent program with a very reasonable tuition. The program is a one year course with 750 required hours. It prepares you in every way to take and pass your state required licensing exam. It also prepares you with all the hands on skills required to go right into the workforce as a qualified Therapist.

The total cost for the program, including books and supplies, is about $3000, and financial aid is available. This, I can assure you, is a bargain for setting yourself up in a lifelong career that will not only help heal your clients, but will be a rewarding choice for you.

For information go to: Message Therapy classes at FSCJ.

Or contact –, or by phone at (904) 799-6663.

Please feel free to contact me concerning information or to arrange a tour of the facility first hand.

Tony Crawford

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