Contacting Tony

Appointments can be made seven days a week. Both day and evening appointments are available.

Please plan for approximately one hour and forty-five minutes for your individual session. There are a few minutes prior to your session to discuss your needs and expectations, and a few minutes at the end to discuss your experience. Most of your time is spent on the table.

I have found that deep tissue work requires a degree of relaxation work prior to going deep into a muscle. Think of it like a stick of butter. When you take it out of the refrigerator, you cannot put your finger into it. When you rub that butter first, it will soften and become pliable, allowing your finger to go in deep. Your muscles work the say way.

THIS IS YOUR SESSION! It includes whatever you request: Lomi, Swedish, deep tissue or relaxation, or a combination of each. Your price is $75.00.

There are no additional travel costs for me to come to your local home, office or hotel.

Couples massage is available upon request with advance notice.

Contacting Tony
Tony Crawford
(904) 557-8350
By appointment only

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