Lomi Massage and Chiropractic Work

Lomi Massage and Chiropractic WorkChiropractic work deals with the proper alignment of our body, our spine, and our bones.
Why is Lomi Hawaiian Massage in conjunction with Chiropractic Work good for you?
We have a vast system of nerves that runs all through our bodies. The majority of the nerves run along our spine. Should one or more of our back bones (vertebrae) become misaligned, those nerves can become pinched and the result is pain. Continue reading

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Comparing Massage to a Stick of Butter

Hawaiian-Lomi-massage-is-like-butterHow can you compare a massage to a stick of butter? It is actually pretty easy. As a massage therapist, one of the most common complaints I hear from people is that their last massage had left them sore for a few days. They had asked their therapist for deep tissue work but found that they were sore or even bruised the following day. Continue reading

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